Olveh Forum

Olveh Forum brings together the nation’s industry leaders and policymakers to discuss important writemyessayrapid.com issues in various fields, including agriculture, trade, financial and economic affairs.

Situated in the heart of old town Batavia, Olveh aims to foster active conversation and induce action to improve the condition of Indonesia, one issue at a time.

History of Olveh Building

Situated in the heart of Kota Tua, essay club the Old Town of Batavia, Gedung OLVEH dates back to the Dutch colonial period and was established in 1921. The building was used by the Dutch government for the provision of life insurance to the public.

Today, Gedung OLVEH retains the cultural elements of the past, preserving its majority of the original architectural design. The building consists of three floors and two towers with a view of South Batavia.


For more information, please contact us at olveh.forum@gmail.com.

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